Shoham is a dynamic, thriving young town in the heart of Israel.

Founded in 1993, Shoham has become one of Israel's most desirable communities for young, educated Israelis seeking a high quality of life, outstanding educational and cultural institutions, and a vibrant community spirit.

Shoham's location is the best of both worlds: It sits atop a picturesque hill in a pastoral rural landscape, yet is a short ride to both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  

Shoham's 21,000 residents enjoy the benefits of a community planned and managed with care, that successfully balances the urban development needs of a growing population with the conservation and cultivation of green areas, parks, and environmentally sustainable development policies.

Shoham's local government has earned an outstanding reputation for efficient and responsive management that prioritizes education, culture and leisure, and promotes broad civic engagement and volunteerism.

Shoham’s motto, “Living Excellence”, expresses its fundamental vision: quality of life and excellence.


Education around the clock

Shoham has a comprehensive educational system, spanning day care, preschool, and K-12, in both the state-secular and state-religious tracks.

The town’s education system focuses on promoting the values of equality, excellence and service to all student populations, taking a holistic approach that incorporates formal and informal education and actively engages all stakeholders – students, parents and teachers.  

Shoham's high school matriculation rate consistently ranks among the highest in the country.

Shoham's educational system is administered by Shoham's Education and Community Division and includes departments for psychological and social services. In addition, it is responsible for running the Shoham Education Corporation. Together, these agencies offer students and their families a wide variety of enrichment, tutoring, assessment and counseling services.  

Through these services, provided around the clock in formal and informal educational frameworks, Shoham aims at maximizing the potential of each and every student.

The quantity and quality of programs run by the Education Division position Shoham as a leader among Israeli towns and cities. Here are some examples:

  • Comprehensive response to the needs of both gifted and educationally challenged students, through a diverse range of programs: after-school programs for gifted and outstanding students; special high school academic tracks with an emphasis on STEM subjects; a special high school track tailored to students with academic challenges, focused on preventing them from dropping out; special education frameworks; and more.  
  • Cultivating of an ‘optimal educational climate’ in the schools.
  • Information and computer technology (ICT) programs in the schools: Laptop classes, a laptop for every teacher, smart classrooms, and ICT-based pedagogical programs, and more.


Environmental quality and sustainability

Shoham gives top priority to the environment. The town is planned down to the last road and the smallest path, and every neighborhood has municipal gardens and green spaces. Environmental sculptures dot Shoham’s parks and gardens, which extend across 400 dunams (100 acres).

Shoham is one of Israel’s leaders in environmental sustainability. Every Shoham household separates waste, the Council runs multiyear water and energy savings programs, and operates in the framework of a master plan for sustainability.


Shoham Forest Park

Shoham was granted a rare gift: a natural forest park extending over an area of 2,000 dunams (500 acres), linked by foot paths to Shoham. The park features walking and riding trails, as well as archaeological ruins, including a spectacular mosaic floor of an ancient Byzantine church. The park has parking areas for visitors, a scenic lookout, and in the blossoming season, Shoham forest volunteers conduct free guided tours.  Some of Shoham’s community events are held in the Shoham Forest Park.


Supplementary education and leisure, youth and sports activities

Shoham offers its youth and adult residents a rich and diverse range of leisure, enrichment and sports activities through the "Hamesh" Municipal Corporation. The Corporation specializes in five key areas: culture, youth, preschoolers, sports and enrichment.

  • Culture: Shoham residents enjoy numerous cultural events, both on national holidays and festivals, and on a regular, year-round basis, including activities organized through the schools. Shoham operates a performing arts center, which hosts a theater series for subscribers of all ages, communal performances, entertainment shows, lecture series, evening sing-alongs, and many other formats. The center’s lobby hosts temporary art exhibitions. Shoham's two-day "Muses Festival," held annually during the Sukkot holiday, attracts tens of thousands of people from Shoham and around Israel.  
  • Sports: Many of the town's residents engage in a wide range of sports, both competitive and popular. Shoham offers its residents a wealth of sports facilities, including fitness installations, walking and riding trails, sports halls,  playing fields and courts, and more. The Municipal Corporation organizes an array of popular sporting events, local leagues, and competitions, as well as a large variety of sports classes with a large number of participants. Twice a year, Shoham invites visitors from all over Israel to take part in major sporting events – the Shoham Circuit bicycle event, and the Shoham Race for runners.
  • Preschoolers: Shoham's Center for Art and Culture for Preschoolers offers infants and young children a wide range of classes, performances, exhibitions and shows. This center also hosts activities for parents and women, provides training for educational staff, and kindergarten activities. The Municipal Corporation also runs after-school child care programs in kindergartens and schools, as well as day care centers.
  • Enrichment: The Municipal Corporation offers rich menu of courses and workshops for all ages, in areas such as the performing arts, the visual arts, science and technology, dance, and adult education. Shoham also has a music conservatory that offers instrument lessons, music theory classes, meetings with artists, concerts and performances, and promotes musical ensembles and youth orchestras. The conservatory also runs programs to cultivate music education and learning of instruments in the town's schools.  
  • Library: About half of Shoham's households subscribe to the public library, which hosts a variety of book shows and events, meetings with writers, and an annual book festival. The library contains 40,000 titles and is constantly refreshing its offerings.  Its web-based catalogue is accessible to all residents.
  • Youth: Shoham has a youth unit that promotes youth leadership and empowerment, counseling, and organizes cultural and leisure activities. The unit operates in a dedicated building, which also hosts nighttime activities such as a "counseling coffee shop" for teenagers.
  • Golden Age: For elderly residents, Shoham operates a retiree center and activity club, offering classes, courses, and trips.


The Shoham Economic Company Ltd.

The Shoham Economic Company is charged with planning and developing economic and business projects in Shoham. In this capacity, the Company is developing Shoham’s new neighborhoods, Kramim and Rakafot, and partnering in the planning of the new Kaf Alef neighborhood, at the town’s southern end. The Economic Company develops and manages assets for the Council, including the Shoham Sports Club.

The Economic Company is also developing Shoham’s industrial and employment zones:

  • Hi Park Shoham: an employment and logistics campus adjacent to Shoham, where leading companies have set up their logistic centers. The park also features a large and sophisticated events hall.
  • AirPark Shoham: a future commerce and office campus, slated for development at the southern entrance to the town, which will accommodate office buildings, a shopping center, country club, events hall and gas station.


Shoham Council - management excellence

Vision, initiative, and a business approach characterize the Shoham Council’s management strategy. The Council's decision making processes are undertaken in collaboration with the residents and are completely transparent, with emphasis on proper management.

Since its founding, Shoham has won of the Interior Ministry’s "Proper Financial Management Award", and has earned an outstanding reputation for stability and efficiency in municipal governance.  Shoham's rate of tax compliance is among the highest in Israel, and the Council is steadily reducing municipal taxes. Shoham conducts its fiscal affairs with a long-term strategic perspective, protecting the interests of the local economy now and for generations to come.

The Shoham Council is ISO-9001 certified, and its environmental management system is ISO-14001 certified – one of the only municipalities in the country with both certifications. The Council is also certified for Occupational Health & Safety management under OHSAS 18001:2007, a quality management system. And the Shoham Council was awarded the Gold Mark of the Standards Institution of Israel for its integration of the three quality standards.

The Shoham Council has won numerous national awards, such as the Yitzhak Rabin National Quality and Excellence Award, the national education award, culture and sports awards, as well as an award for advancement of women in employment, and for efficient use of water. Shoham is also regularly recognized for its physical asthetics and cleanliness, including first prize as Israel's most beautiful town.


Volunteering and civic involvement

Shoham’s residents care deeply about their community and society, manifested by an unusually high level of voluntarism in a wide range of areas such as security and rescue services, education, social welfare, and more. etc. Strong civic engagement is also manifested through the involvement of the public in decision-making bodies such as public companies, municipal committees, parent-teacher associations, and more. The Shoham Council strongly encourages and supports these activities.


Friends of Shoham Forum

The Friends of Shoham Forum was established by the Shoham Local Council and the Hamesh Municipal Corporation to advance projects important to the town's future. Partnering with local businesses and Jewish communities abroad, the Forum has established a number of educational projects, and promoted a wide range of foreign exchange programs and delegations.

The Friends of Shoham Forum offers an opportunity to investors and sponsors,  individuals, groups, corporations and organizations, to participate in assuring a strong and prosperous future for Israel, by investing in the country's youth, and associating themselves with a community that aspires to innovation and excellence.


The Shoham Local Council

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